Dortmund Ballett Gala, Grand Pas Classique © Leszek Januszewski


Savoring every step of my journey

Interview by Ralf Stabel

Popular and widely admired all over the world, the young principal dancer with Dutch National Ballet is a fresh and energetic appearance in the ballet world.  He speaks with Ralf Stabel about his destiny, his way and passion for ballet as well as his pursuit of perfection.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a dancer? And why?

I discovered my passion for dancing when I began at the age of 12 in Brazil, which is considered late compared to most dancers who start at a younger age. However, the challenges of ballet and the endless opportunities for improvement captivated me. The pursuit of perfection, even though it remains elusive, continues to fascinate me to this day.

© Julia Mikheeva

What were the highlights of your training as a dancer?

As I said before, during my time in Brazil, I faced the challenge of starting ballet at a later age. My first ballet teacher told me that if I wanted to pursue a professional career, I would need to compress nine years of training into just three. This demanding schedule meant intense training from Monday to Monday, participating in numerous competitions, and meeting exceptional individuals who enriched my journey. Later, when I joined the Staatliche Balletschule Berlin, my focus shifted. While I continued to grow as a dancer, my time there primarily served to shape me as an individual. It involved navigating life away from my family in a foreign country, adapting to a new language, culture, and more.

Why did you want to dance in Russia as a Brazilian?

Victor Caixeta © Nina Tooli

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