MEDIAKIT   EN (Download pdf)

After our relaunch in April 2018, our website is completely redesigned in a new look and clear structure. New and Clean Look | Responsive Design | More Advertising Options | Better Tracking | Integrated Shop

Our range of articles cover everything from the dance world ensuring our readers have access to a full spectrum of information and advice. With our new website, we hope to build on the service we offer to you, our clients, and are looking forward to continuing to work with you to develop your people, teams and dance art.

    – Banner spaces in three site locations (header, between articles and side bar).
    Banner ads link directly to your website
    – International announcements of notices and Jobs (prices on request)
    – Create your own section on and builds online advertising campaigns
    For dance companies and institutions (featured schools, featured theaters/companies, featured festivals,
    competitions or events) placements on:
    – What’s On? Section: we promote your events and premieres here
    – Education Section: we promote your dance education events and courses
    – Gallery Ad: Take advantage of reach and the emotional environment of pictures
    – Video Ad: Your message on
    For theater and ballet companies, event organizers, show business, schools, educational instituts  etc.
    We offer bookings for online publication of:
    -press releases, company presentations,
    – performance or premieres, season previews, announcements, guest performances
    on the Link What’s On Stage?, News & Events, News, Taining & Auditions, Ballroom
    -Included are press releases, photos, logo and graphics
    Please ask for quotation and culture discount at the section “Börse” (Online) you can make  entries under Job Market and Buy/Sell as a
     registered user itself. These entries are free of charge. For more info and orders please check our MEDIAKIT 2019 and contact us at:
MEDIADATEN DE (Download pdf)

Speziell für Theater, Ballettkompanien, Veranstalter, Tanzhäuser u.a.
Was Sie bei uns – auch online – buchen können:
-Präsentationen, Pressetexte, Ausschreibungen,
– Vorankündigungen, Gastspielen, Spielzeitvorschau/Premieren
(werden online veröffentlicht in der Rubrik/u.d. Link  Aktuell, What´s On Stage?, News & Events 
-Inbegriffen sind Pressetexte, Fotos, Logo oder Grafik
*Kultur-Rabatte, Bildungsrabatte und Nachlässe für Vereine und Soziale Institutionen sind eingetragen auf die Mediadaten. Buchungen und Preisanfragen:

-Workshop-Einträge sind kostenpflichtig und werden in der Printausgabe sowie Onlineausgabe unter
EDUCATION/Training & Auditions veröffentlicht. 
-Eintragungen in der Rubrik “Börse”
 (Ankauf/Verkauf und Jobs Online) kann man als registrierter User selbst tätigen. Die Eintragungen sind kostenfrei.