Birmingham Royal Ballet Coppélia © Bill Cooper


Miki Mizutani on the female leading role of Coppélia

Not everyone knows who the most memorable characters of the dance world are. About this, in every issue we talk with a dancer of a renowned ballet company to find out the who’s who amongst the most famous and iconic of ballet figures.

by Alessandro BIZZOTTO


Miki Mizutani tells me when I ask her which adjectives she would use to describe Swanilda. “She is so confident; she is a leader for her friends. And she is slightly mischievous too”, the delightful Principal Dancer of the Birmingham Royal Ballet is amiable and friendly – it is a pleasure to talk to her about Coppélia and about the female leading role, a very charismatic girl in love with Frantz, an amorous butterfly whose life she ends up
saving in some ways. Based on the story by E. T. A. Hoffmann, Coppélia is both technically demanding and fun to watch…

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