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THE COATING A video installation by Kai Fobbe gives a new coat of paint to cultural places in NRW, Germany

At 8:15 pm, at the best feature film time, the video installation by artist Kai Fobbe starts: a man dressed in black steps in front of the dark facade of a museum. He himself: invisible. Only a white ellipse is visible: the opening of a paint bucket. The man dips the brush and paints the wall. Each cinematic brushstroke is a new field of light, transforming the dark, black surface into a bright, white one. The black man in front of an increasingly white background does his work unswervingly and lends the façade a light paint. Then the decoating begins. Little by little the “colour” is removed again, the white again black. After 150 minutes – at the end of the season – the darkness spreads again and the shadow disappears in the darkness of the night.


daily 20.15 to 22.45 o’clock

30.09. – 24.10.2019 – Solingen Art Museum – Wuppertaler Str. 160, 42653 Solingen

26.10. – 2.11.2019 – Theo-Otto-Theater Remscheid – Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 31-33, 42853 Remscheid

3.11. – 10.11.2019 – Schelmenturm Monheim – Grabenstraße 30, 40789 Monheim am Rhein

from February 2020 – Museum Ratingen – Peter-Brüning-Platz 1, 40878 Ratingen

“The Coating” bathes NRW’s cultural locations in a new light. Ephemeral and lasting. With a contrasting interplay of light and dark, shadow and light, he creates an image that lights up briefly and yet burns itself permanently into memory. The video installation turns museums into canvasses and thus makes them a place for our imaginations. For a duration of 150 minutes and with an reverberating effect.

THE ARTIST: Kai Fobbe studied classical music and came to film through composition. Since 2004 Fobbe has been working on film installations in public spaces. Again and again dancers play a role in his films. Whether for portrait series, as protagonists for movement cycles, as individualists who have a task to fulfil – or he himself assumes the role of the dancer.

Jan Möllmer studied dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen after taking part in the youth project “Kontakthof – mit Teenagern“ at Tanztheater Wuppertal. As a dancer and choreographer he realised numerous projects in cooperation with artists in NRW and abroad.

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