"WHITE NOISE" Foto Christina Gotz

Hamburg has new Ballet Company

Meet the new ballet company of Hamburger Kammerballett in Hamburg

Since last summer, Edvin Revazov, artistic director, and Isabelle Rohlfs, managing director, have been pursuing a common vision: “We want to support dancers who have been affected by the consequences of the Russian attack on Ukraine and who have had to leave their home country. Finally, they founded the new Hamburg dance company – the Hamburg Chamber Ballet – and thus offer dancers with a classical orientation the chance of a new start in Germany. Supported by reliable structures and a strong community, the aim is to artistically reappraise what has been experienced and to create new formats. The new ensemble of the Hamburg Chamber Ballet currently consists of eight talented young dancers who work and research together under the choreographic direction of Edvin Revazov.

Ensemble: Aleksandr Solovei | Anastasiia Ilnytska | Anna Solovei | Ihor Khomyshchak | Kateryna Andrenko | Viktoriia Miroshyna | Nikita Hodyna

Photo Christina Gotz

From 14 to 16 April 2023, the newly founded dance company will present five performances at the First Stage Theater in Hamburg-Altona. The ballet evening “WHITE NOISE” presents three different parts, fundamentally different in style and composed of classical and contemporary movement material. The first part of the evening BRITTEN DANCE was created in collaboration with the Opera Estate Festival in Bassano del Grappa and shows the virtuosity of classical ballet. The second part of the evening is a new choreography by Edvin Revazov, to which the Australian-Danish composer Alexander McKenzie has composed the music. Inspired by the physical phenomenon of “white noise”, the dancers of the Hamburg Chamber Ballet translate the concept of light and sound spectra to humanity and fuse it into a harmonious whole through dance. They will be accompanied by live musicians from the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.
John Neumeier’s ballet SPRING AND FALL to the music of Antonín Dvořák will be shown as the third part. The production is a collaboration between the Hamburg Chamber Ballet and guest dancers from the Ukrainian National Ballet Kyiv.

Find more on: www.hamburger-kammerballett.de