© Laura Gauch

Find you artistic voice: Muhammed Kaltuk

When he was 15, Muhammed Kaltuk attended his first Hip Hop dance class. He fell in love with urban dance and has been able to celebrate several successes in this scene since the establishment of the dance group Special Elements. In 2015, Muhammed attended the 3-year high school for contemporary and urban stage dance in Zurich. During his training he immersed himself in contemporary dance and combined it with elements of his own dance background. After several years of choreographic experience, he was able to reinvent himself as a creator. The examination of the subject of his piece ideas is very intense and the experimentation with movements is essential. Today, Muhammed Kaltuk works as a choreographer across Switzerland and internationally in a wide variety of projects.

© Heiner Adams

Contemporary dance is becoming more and more popular in the street dance community. Why do you think that started? How can that relationship be cultivated and grown?

I think this is also a question of perception as well as dependent on the circles and communities involved. It is difficult to generalize the popularity of contemporary dance in the street dance community. Because within that community there are many different sub communities. There is an increase of people who combine styles and search for their individual movement, but there are also still communities who very much seek the origins and who want to keep streetstyle in an original form and context. To me both need to have the space to exist and thrive.

I believe contemporary dance is fused with street dance more and more because…

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