David Dawson © by Oliver Look

7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE 7 New Dance Films By David Dawson

Project image of 7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE featuring Semperoper Ballett dancer Sangeun Lee © by Oliver Look

7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE – a specially curated online collection of short dance film works. Together, 7 dancers – 7 composers – unite to create 7 worlds and offer you a message of hope, remembering that we are all connected, even when we feel so alone. In these uncertain times we find ourselves in our art, in our humanity, with our emotional life becoming more defined and more realized – as the new truths that we learn become our future history. 

All of the incredible people involved in this project have generously given their time and talent for free, and we all hope that you will enjoy these portraits as much as we did making them.

Importantly these films aim to create awareness to help support our fellow artists during these challenging times. Our stage industries risk losing a generation of talent if they are not offered the support they need. 

David Dawson’s about his new film project:

“During the lockdown here in Germany I created and filmed my first dance film project. I worked for the first time as an independent – free from the big organisations that I am normally associated with – and arranged, produced and directed everything myself. I was supported by an amazing but small team, 7 incredible dancers from Semperoper Ballett, and 7 very well known established composers. All time and talent was donated to the project without cost – a beautiful act of solidarity, trust and unity. I am very excited to share with you that 7 PORTRAITS OF SOLITUDE will premiere online on September 17 2020. 

Importantly I had always intended for this project to have a reason – to raise more awareness for all freelancers who work in the arts. Our international arts community involves so many people doing so many different jobs and the times we are living in are becoming more challenging. So – I will be posting the project on my social media pages (daviddawsonofficial on Instagram / Facebook) and on my website (www.daviddawson.com) with the message for people to donate to a few different fundraising organisations. Hopefully we can help each other through the arts.”