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REAL TALK WITH: Coskun Erdogandan

When someone is being interviewed, they always put their best face forward. “Real Talk” is designed to help young dancers and professionals by providing them with the whole truth about the problems faced by artists…on stage and off.

ARMANDO BRASWELL sits down with the Basel based urban dancer and choreographer Coskun Erdogandan, a real pioneer for breakdance in Switzerland.

How did you get into dance?

I actually started dance in a youth centre in my neighborhood in Basel. I saw the older generation throwing some moves, and I was always ways to express myself. I tried different sports, but nothing caught my attention. When I first saw breaking, I was kind of shocked what they could do with there body and it made me want to try.

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How did you start teaching dance?

I started teaching when nobody else was teaching breaking in Basel or Switzerland. It was not something that you do at that time. No dance schools had breakdancing classes. So back in the day that was an opportunity to teach. I was always the visionary guy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I started after school in a little room with four people and also to do a lot of dance projects in all over Switzerland. And then it blew up. In a short time we had 200 students. That was the first time I saw a lot of potential to make a living. There weren’t many platforms to live from dance, I had to create my own opportunities.

How did you get the idea of “The Movement”?

The idea of “The Movement” came when I started to do my own website. During this website process, I suddenly felt like it wasn’t about me any more. The culture of urban movement gave me…

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