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Dorin Frecautanu and Marina Sergeeva, the new Professional World Champions

Who would be the next professional world champion in latinamerican dances? When Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, after being ten times outstanding worldchampions, retired it took two years to know the answer. Corona did not allow to compete earlier. But now in a thrilling competition in the magnificent Empress Ballroom in Blackpool Dorin Frecautanu and Marina Sergeeva took the title.

And they made the often used expression „blood, sweat and tears“ come true. For in the final rumba their dancing got so emotional that in a trick movement Marina accidentally hit him on the head. There was a cut at his right eyebrow und blood was trickling down his face. The impact being quite strong, Dorin seemed to loose consciousness for a moment. But Marina hold him und Dorin would never give up. So she is very proud of his inner strength, a character trait she cherishes so much.

Patrick Jung had the opportunity to speak with Dorin Frecaut and Marina Sergeeva. He published this interview in his book „Once on a dance Floor“. Dance for You Magazine reported on the book and on Patrick Jung. He gave us permission to present what Dorin Frecautanu and Marina Sergeeva think about dancing.

Patrick: What do you like about ballroom dancing?

Dorin: What ballroom dancing means to me is first of all a movement to the music of two people as one, a motion between a man and a woman. That is the essence. Dancing for me is sharing my emotions with the audience and transmitting how I feel about the music…

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