Ballettschule Theater Basel

Mit eidg. Fähigkeitszeugnis, EFZ in der Schweiz

The Ballettschule Theater Basel is a Prix de Lausanne Partner School and is on the list of acknowledged schools for the Dance Scholarship of the Migros Kulturprozent. The world of dance today is defined through its diversity of styles and directions. The underlying foundation connecting this myriad of movement is a solid classical ballet technique. An advanced command of this technique opens the doors to the multi-faceted language of dance and gives each dancer the means to develop their own individual potential. Since it’s founding in 2001, the school has maintained a close working relationship with Ballett Basel. The presence of Richard Wherlock, director of Ballett Basel, guaranties an insight into the practical side of the profession and allows students to experience first hand the daily work of a renowned professional company. Students from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Australia and Japan bring an international flavour to the school. The school’s programme includes a professional training program for talented young students who wish to pursue dance as a career as well as pre-ballet classes for children starting at the age of five.

Company: Ballettschule Theater Basel

Phone: +41 (0)61 295 1445



Address: Theater Basel, Elisabethenstrasse 16, 4010 Basel, Schweiz

Code: 4010 Basel Schweiz