Training & Auditions

Auditions 2023 The link, Professional Dance Education, Bern, Switzerland

zentrum für tanz. kultur. gesundheit.

Bernstrasse 41
3303 Jegenstorf BE
tel: +41 (0)31 762 03 03

Next application deadline: 01.03.2023
Next audition date: 18.03.2023 & 19.03.2023.


Pre-Professional education

Our pre professional Dance educations at the link is a very versatile education, where classical ballet and contemporary dance go hand in hand. With inputs from many different dance styles, it provides a strong preparation to prepare you for auditioning at professional dance school. And is also the best preparation for our own professional dance program. Classes are in the evenings and designed to fit around your normal school program.

PDE, Professional Contemporary Dance Education

The Professional dance education at the link, based in Bern Switzerland, is a 2 year dance education that flows in a 3rd year, CoLab. Our aim is to give young people the chance to become a contemporary dancer and artist with a strong classical technique as background.

It is a 60% program where you still have the chance to complete your days with other activities.  It is available for any student from the age of 15.

At the link we want to create a safe environment where you can explore, try out, fail and succeed.

CoLab, the link between

CoLab, the link between… is a one year dance program, at the link, Bern, Switzerland.

It is a program created to make the gap between school and company/freelance dance-scene smaller.

Over the year you will get the chance to work with 8 different choreographers and perform at least 3 times.

Other supporting workshops are integrated.

It is set up as a dance company where you are supported and given the chance to grow as a student, dancer and artist. The main goal is to create an environment where you feel safe to explore, try out, fail and succeed.

It is part of our professional dance educative program, which is 3 years. People who finished the 2nd year successfully are automatically admitted to the program.