Shining in Swarovski on the Dance Floor


Swarovski has been adding spectacular sparkle and fantasy to prestigious dance organizations and elite tournaments in the world of international dancesport for many years. It has been a proud global partner of the World DanceSport Federation Grand Slams (WDSF) and a long-term supporter of the World Masters Innsbruck among many others. Running through Swarovski’s DNA is a symbiosis of master craftsmanship, artistry and advanced technology. It’s a unique combination that brings an unmistakable magic to performances by the world’s most accomplished dancers, in which crystal-embellished costumes play a key part.

Among the many crystal innovations developed by Swarovski to dazzle under the competitive spotlight are: the elegant Crystal Shimmer effect, famed for its intense vibrancy. It works by vividly radiating multiple shades of its base color and is especially effective at creating sophisticated and eye-catching tone-on-tone designs. The high-voltage Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family uses a lacquer that incorporates a UV pigment, emitting shocks of neon color that glow brilliantly under the light. And boasting a special iridescence and subtle opacity, the Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite family is designed to enhance the crystal’s depth and clarity for increased light return.

All these, and more, add up to a specialist palette created to ensure that a dancer captures—and holds—their audience from the second they step into the spotlight. From fiery, passionate Latin American to smooth, elegant Standard, Swarovski crystals throw off myriad shards of light that accentuate the movement of the body, tracing every step and lighting up the stage. Swarovski’s reputation for increasing a costume’s competitive advantage has led to its crystals becoming essential ingredients in contemporary dancesport design. We call it “winning style”.


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