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Ballet Shooting under water…

Right to beginning of the year we’ve got some nice photos from Konstantin Killer, a german industrie photographer. See here his new photo shooting under water. Konstantin Killer about himself:
“Back in the 1980s, as a child, I was drawn to the water again and again. At first, I covered countless nautical miles aboard recreational sailing ships before diving in 2007. Since I was already dealing with analogue photography as a teenager, I was able to combine two of my favorite hobbies with the switch to digital photography: diving and photography. Initially intended as a “winter activity”, I started with model underwater photography. People underwater had always fascinated me. It quickly became a passion: special lighting, unexpected ideas, complex planning and “The crazier the better” is my motto in the underwater photo shoot. Despite a lot of preparatory work and elaborate scene setups, it makes a lot of fun to put a well-conceived idea into the limelight. In this way also a big compliment to “my” models who also have to work hard at every shoot. My goal is to take the underwater model photography in Germany to a new level and to relieve the current niche existence in the field of underwater photography.”

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