The Roch Valley brand has its origins in the North West of England, an area known for its lively arts and culture, and especially for its love of dance.
Roch valley began and remains a family business started by husband and wife team Jack and Marianne Doughty in 1969. Madame Marianne, famous for her dancing academy near Manchester was already an influential examiner and board member of the United Kingdom’s prestigious Imperial Society of Dance (I.S.T.D).

Initially operating from a number of retail outlets throughout the North West, it soon became obvious that the quality and range of goods on offer was not keeping up with the growth in the burgeoning dance market, it was decided therefore that the company would diversify by manufacturing its own garments and shoes, it was also decided that these products would now be sold nationwide and gradually expanded throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
Roch Valley have always believed that dance is for everyone to enjoy and participate in, no matter what age, nationality, or level of ability, this ethos has been the driving force behind our success as we have grown throughout the decades. The success company have concentrated on making the highest quality performance dance clothing, and is priced at a level which is still affordable to everyone regardless of social status or income, our clothing is worn by everyone from the tiny child taking her first tentative steps at ballet class to the principal dancer with a world famous ballet company. The company managed in a highly professional but caring and responsible way.

Roch Valley have a reputation for integrity and honesty in the dancewear industry and these values run right through the company.

“We believe that our people are at the very heart of everything we do, we encourage and nurture our employees and we have a strong commitment to the personal and professional development of everyone who works within the organization. We have a commitment to sourcing the highest quality fabrics and products in a responsible and ethical way, we hold our responsibility to our community and the dance world in the highest regard. The Roch Valley brand is now prevalent in almost all of the independent dancewear retailers throughout the UK, and many shops and schools across Europe and worldwide are supplied by us, overseas accounts are supported by our multilingual sales team. Our development team are constantly striving to further improve our offer through innovation, testing and design to take us into the future with confidence. We employ over 100 people across our manufacturing, wholesale and retail operation, and we are proud to still be a 100% privately owned British company, we are also proud to be part of Europe and to be citizens of the world.”

Customer comments:

“As a dance teacher my school’s uniform is so important to me. It sets me apart when new parents come to see the school. It makes the school look professional and well organised when they see all the happy children in their uniform. For nearly 30 years I have been using Roch Valley. It’s a simple decision… top quality at a price the parents can’t complain about!”
Bernadette Heys
Founder and Owner
Bernadette Heys School of Theatre Dance

“As a retailer who supplies ballet schools in Denmark, I can thoroughly recommend Roch Valley as my main supplier. The quality of their items are super – and I know I can always rely on them to offer a fast and friendly service. To sum up, I’d be lost without them!”
Sylvia Laidlow-Petersen
Daisy Dance Shop, Denmark

“My number one supplier!
Always reliable, friendly and the quality and fit of their garments is second to none.”
Claire Caley – Quality Leotards, Felixstowe



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