Seul-Ki Park 
Fighting against myself - 

The star of the Korean National Ballet does so every day, trying her best both in studio and on stage. Now, after having being nominated to the Benois de la Danse, she talks to ALESSANDRO BIZZOTTO about her beginnings, disappointments and love, without forgetting what has recently changed in her professional life.

Seulk Ki Park as Nkya in La Bayadére © Korean National Ballet

For the 31-year-old star at the Korean National Ballet, a new international consecration arrived this year: the nomination to the Benois de la Danse Award for her performance as Aegina in Grigorovich’s “Spartacus” made of Seul-Ki Park one of the top names on which ballet fans are focusing their eyes all over the world.
Born in 1986, she graduated from the School of Dance at the Korea National University of Arts and immediately joined the national leading ballet company. An exquisite and technically strong ballerina, Seul-Ki was already classed third at the Varna International Ballet Competition before finishing the ballet school. She is not new to awards – she is a recipient of the Gold Prize at Korean International Ballet Competition and was named Best New Artist at the Korean Ballet Association Dancer Competition in 2012, among others.
Being one of the most famous personalities in the Eastern ballet field doesn’t seem having made her vain, though.

Seul Ki Park in Giselle © Korean National Ballet

What is your first ballet memory, when you were a young girl?

My first ballet memory? Watching a girl who was practicing the first act variation of “Swan Lake”. My mother had brought me to the ballet academy of my town. I still remember that girl dancing like a swan – she was so beautiful! I could not take my eyes off her. I really wished I could dance like her that day.

Seul Ki Park as Aegina in Spartacus © Korean National Ballet

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