LAURA MORERA The muse of choreographer Liam Scarlett


Full of energy and in the prime of her career as a dancer, Laura Morera, 38, is ready for her 22th season with The Royal Ballet in London. Born in Madrid (Spain), she started dancing at the age of 4 in África Guzmán’s dance academy in her hometown. Pushed by her ballet mistress and supported by her family, Morera moved to London to be trained at White Lodge. In 1995 she joined The Royal Ballet and was promoted to Principal Dancer 12 years after.

Laura Morera and Carlos Acosta in a rehersal. Courtesy of ROH

While still enjoying success in her previous performances –especially in Sir Frederick Ashton’s ballets- she has now become the muse of choreographer Liam Scarlett. In fact, last season she won the National Dance Award. In this interview granted to DANCE FOR YOU, Laura Morera gives an overview of her astounding career in The Royal Ballet.

This is your 22nd season at The Royal Ballet, what challenges do you have on the stage, right now?

It has been great to be in the company such a long time. Throughout the years I have developed a maturity, an understanding and acceptance of myself that allows me to enjoy everything I do now much more. I am very young at heart and have a lot of energy so combined with that these last few years have been my best I think.

Laura Morera in La Bayadère. © ROH/ Tristam Kenton, 2013

At the beginning of 2016, you won the National Dance Award in the category of “Outstanding female performance”. Why were you nominated?

I was nominated for my performance of Lise in Ashton's “La fille mal gardée”. It was amazing to win it, but it felt a real honor to win it for an Ashton role. I came to the Royal Ballet school when I was 11 and felt in love with its style. Since then I have worked hard to become a ballerina of that trademark style, technically and dramatically. It was wonderful to get that recognition from the British critics and public. Awards really are nice, but they do not change you as an artist. You can always be better.

When you were 11, you moved to London to be trained at White Lodge. How was the experience?

Laura Morera in La fille mal gardée © ROH/ Dave Morgan, 2012


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