I WILL FALL FOR YOU A Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Woodkid DANCE Film


 Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & music artist and director Yoann Lemoine have released a dance film around Yoann’s musical alter ego Woodkid’s song ‘Land of all’ from the motion picture score of Desierto a 2015 Mexican thriller directed by Jonas Cuaron starring Gael García Bernal. This is the first time Woodkid and Cherkaoui have worked together. Co-directed by both artists and produced by Iconoclas , the film displays a duet between Drew Jacoby and Matt Foley of the Royal Ballet Flanders, based on Cherkaoui’s 2015 original ballet creation Fall.
Cherkaoui was immediately drawn into Woodkid’s ‘Land of All’, as it addresses the issues of displacement, love and memory.
“There is something epic and melancholic about this song, whilst also having a drive to it, as if you are on a journey. I felt it connected to a pas de deux I had been working on, in which falling and recovery was a recurring theme,” Cherkaoui says.

‘I Fall for You’ became a secondary title of the video, underscoring the combination of music with movement. “Working on it with the dancers was a pure joy, even if there is a starkness to the actual choreography, there is also a gentle focus that feels like something between tai chi and more straight forward partner work in contemporary ballet. It's about interdependency, sharing and carrying each other forward. The gender ambiguity and balance between surrendering and holding on gracefully was a way to re-contextualise the lyrics. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work on this with Yoan, the dancers and film crew." 

Click here to watch the video of ‘Land of all’.


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