ARTUR SHESTERIKOV - At the top of his game


 Debuts, jumps, castings, patience, perfectionism, and that feeling of being fit and in shape. At the Dutch National Ballet today, no man shines brighter than the Russian Principal dancer. This season he seems happy to dance even more than before, in spite of having fewer breaks to rest. During one of them, ALESSANDRO BIZZOTTO caught up with him.

Artur Shesterikov © Lupe Jelena

Not every male dancer can do what Artur Shesterikov does. From Siegfried in “Swan Lake”, the role that gained him the promotion to Principal, to William Forsythe – with a whole group of Neumeier, Ashton, Millepied, McGregor and, of course, van Manen roles – the Russian-born Principal of the Dutch National Ballet has already built a reputation and a career out of both mastering technical tricks and capturing the essence of each choreography.
He grew up in Perm, where both his parents were dancing at the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. After joining the leading Dutch ballet company in 2007, it took just five years for him to reach the top rank. Each time we've spoken in recent years, Shesterikov has always talked about his profession with calm but iron fondness. It looks like he often thinks twice before saying something, and no doubt, he is a rigorous professional.
He is used to transition from milestones of the repertoire to contemporary pieces, scoring some of his personal bests with performances in Balanchine’s hits such as “Diamonds” in “Jewels”, “Theme and Variations” and “Violin Concerto”. Now, as he is about to interpret again a dream role for many dancers, the prince in “The Sleeping Beauty”, he seems glad to open up about his life and his artistic vision. Married to another star of the Dutch National Ballet, Principal Maia Makhateli, he has been playing a new role too for the last months – being a father. His son Luka was born last April.

Artur Shesterikov in 'Overture' © Altin Kaftira

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