Flesh and Bone, a dark ballet drama


Flesh and Bone, a dark ballet drama

By Clàudia Brufau

Sex, drugs and ballet, or in order or relevance: ballet, sex and drugs. The series Flesh and bone created by Moira Welley-Beckett –Breaking Bad – delves into the darker side of the world of ballet. By casting real dancers, instead of actors trained especially for the occasion, this production seems more appealing just for the credits. Moira Welley-Beckett builds up a fictional company named American Ballet Company (ABC) in dire financial straits. Flesh and bone is a gothic tale with little light, soaked in blood, sweat and tears. A flesh market in which one has to keep its own bones safe. This series is above all, a cable drama TV by Starz Originals with almost all cable drama imperative ingredients: some nakedness and sex.

In a Flashdance starting mood, Claire –the main character– storms off from home, she leaves behind a deprived neighbourhood in Pittsburg to chase her dream: to join a ballet company in Nova York. Played by the demi-soloist Sarah Hay from Dresden SemperOper Ballet, Claire auditions for ABC and quickly dashes the artistic director Paul Greyson (Ben Daniels). Le ‘petite debutante’, as Paul calls her, in the wink of an eye becomes the jewel of the crown. Eventually she will take over the ‘prima job’ after the Ucranian dancer Kiira –played by the exprincipal of the ABT Irina Dvorovenko– who shows signals of upcoming decay. Claire’s future in ABC looks promising, but it is definitely not a bed of roses. First, because the writers remind the viewer over and over again that...


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