Veronika Part Ballets, thrills and loneliness


The Russian Principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre talks to ALESSANDRO BIZZOTTO about her (new) life in America. From the reasons why she is not madly in love with New York to her as-empty-as-possible fridge.

I and Veronika Part have been chatting for half an hour when she makes me understand that she doesn’t care that much about the benefits of being a ballet star. But she does so without arrogance. Subtly and lightly.
The Principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre says what she thinks quite candidly: she doesn’t talk in open-ended sentences and she never whispers. «To me, one of the most interesting things is giving life to a character on stage» she explains me.
Born in St. Petersburg, Part is a product of the Vaganova machine. She joined the American Ballet Theatre in August 2002 as a Soloist. With her technique, stage presence and dark eyes she dazzled the American audience as Odette/Odile, Aurora, Nikiya. And she was promoted to Principal in May 2009.
In that very same month I saw her dancing for the first time, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. She performed the female leading role in Balanchine’s “Mozartiana”, and I remember finding myself thinking her elegance was madly charming.

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Interview by Alessandro Bizzotto

Photos: Veronika Part in La Bayadere und Swan Lake, © Gene Schiavone


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