Real Talk with Courtney Richardson by Armando Braswell


When someone is being interviewed, they always put their best face forward. "Real Talk" is designed to help young dancers and professionals by providing them with the whole truth about the problems faced by artists...on stage and off. Here is my new Interview with Courtney Richardson, Soloist of the Dresden Semperoper Ballet. 

How do you warm up? Before class? Before a show?

I like to start warming up about 40 minutes before class starts with exercises on the Pilates reformer and stretching. Before a show, if it is classical I will warm up with a classical barre, otherwise I use other exercises that I have acquired over time and that I know put my body in the balance that I need for the piece that night.

Do you have a special "outside of dance" treatment for your body?

Sometimes I do Gyrokinesis and Pilates exercises. I will pretty much try any kind of stability training as well. The treatment of my body has constantly been changing over the years depending on where I am and what I need. Also when it’s necessary I use a spinning bike for interval training to help improve my stamina. Mostly I like to cycle outside if the weather is nice.

Each dancer works differently in class...any particular way you work? What makes a good class for you?

For me class is hugely important. It is a time to figure out where I am in my body that day because ... More

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Courtney Richardson in Tristan and Isolde, Photo Ian Whalen


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