Marco Pierin - Teaching after dancing


The former Principal dancer talks about his dancing memories, explains why he loves to teach and shares his thoughts on today’s ballet training. By Alessandro Bizzotto.

His classical and dramatic repertory includes Basilio, Albrecht, Romeo, Franz, Siegfried and leading roles in ballets by Balanchine, Cranko, Robbins, Béjart. In the Eighties and in the Nineties Marco Pierin’s international career as a dancer blossomed, after he left La Scala Ballet in 1985.
Pierin was born in Milan, and he graduated at the ballet school of La Scala Theatre. Today, his teaching career goes on in ballet companies such as the National Ballet of Canada, the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm and, of course, La Scala.
As we sit for a coffee out on a sun-drenched patio of a café, he starts talking with enthusiasm of his career, of his life as an artist, even of his decision to move back to frantic but lively Milan.

Who are the teachers you most liked, as a dancer?

I have had many extraordinary teachers and I still remember them all: Loipa Araujo, Victor Rona, Violette Verdy, Mirta Hermida... they were all wonderful. I have a very affectionate memory of Edith Allard. I met her at La Scala while Rossella Hightower was directing the company: at the very beginning, I thought she was too meticulous, but over the years I learned to appreciate her her and what she did very much. She was a wonderful person and a great friend. She passed away two years ago in Stockholm.

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